How To Get There

Tepoztlan is located in the state of Morelos, one hour from Mexico City, 30 minutes from Cuernavaca and 3 hours from Acapulco.

Getting there by car.

From Mexico City, the quickest route is via 95 (the toll road) to Cuernavaca; just before the Cuernavaca city limits, you'll see the clearly marked turnoff to Tepoztlan on 95D and Highway 115. The slower, free federal highway 95D, direct from Mexico City, is also an option, and may be preferable if you're departing from the western part of the city. Take 95D south to km 71, where the exit to Tepoztlan on Highway 115 is clearly indicated.

La Casa del Sol is in Xolathlaco, about 3-4 Km from the village of Tepoztlan. You can easily get there with your own car, or take a Taxi.

From Tepoztlan take the road in direction Yautepec and then turn left and take "Camino a Amatlán".

After aproximately 1 Km you'll see the entrance to Xolathlaco on your left hand.

Getting there by bus.

From Mexico City, buses to Tepoztlan run regularly from Terminal Tazqueña. The trip takes about one hour.